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Exciting match-ups for each NA team in Weeks 24-29

Featured image courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment As was stated in the APAC edition, the future is foggy and uncertain, but not enough that we cannot look ahead […]

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Exciting match-ups for each APAC team in Weeks 24-29

The sands of change are still settling after the bracket decimator that was the Summer Showdown, leaving a lingering cloud of ambiguity over power rankings and predictions and anything of […]

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Summer Showdown Knockout Preview: Asia

Above Photo taken by Robert Paul; Courtesy of Activision Blizzard This past Sunday marked the end of the Summer Showdown seeding rounds, and now we’re ready for the real thing. […]

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COVID-19: Catalyst, or killer of Tier Two?

Was COVID-19 simply a catalyst for the fall of the Tier Two scene.

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The best games to watch on week 21

This weekend teams will have all heroes at their disposal as a way to prepare for the Summer Showdown. Here you will learn what are the best games to watch

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Does the Overwatch League Need a Player’s Union?

Featured Image courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch League’s third season seems almost cursed. The league’s revolutionary homestand model had its legs cut out from under it by […]

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The Overwatch League’s New Format: More Tournaments, More Fun

The Overwatch League recently announced that they would be moving into a more tournament-focused structure. Given the success of the May Melee, I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s break it […]